Madame HYDRA

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First Appearance: Captain America #110

Orphaned as a child in Eastern Europe, Ophelia Sarkissian was taken in and raised by the evil underground agency HYDRA. Excelling in her rigorous training over the next two decades, Sarkissian rose through the ranks of the shadowy organization and was bestowed with the exalted title of Madame Hydra. Now as one of the preeminent players in HYDRA, she will stop at nothing to further her group’s wicked agenda of world domination.

Real Name: Ophelia Sarkissian
Occupation: Leader of HYDRA
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 140
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green


  • Skilled leader and resourceful strategist and technician
  • Olympic-level speed and strength
  • Extensive weapon and hand-to-hand training
  • Uses poisoned weapons