Aaron Sims on the Home for The Marvel Experience

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Exterior dome design revealed!

It’s been said that: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And the latest work from Aaron Sims on The Marvel Experience, one of the creative forces behind the visual look of several Marvel characters on film, will be equally thrilling. We are very excited to give our fans and followers a first look of the home to The Marvel Experience – a massive interconnected dome complex.

The Marvel Experience

We sat down with Aaron to discuss his work as a character designer, art director and concept artist, starting his own company, and working on The Marvel Experience.

The Marvel Experience: Tell us a little about what you have worked on in the past.

Aaron Sims: I’ve been an effects artist designing for the movie industry for many years. In the 90s I worked on films including Batman Forever, Mighty Joe Young, Nutty Professor, and Men In Black. Then in 2001, I was lucky enough to work with Steven Spielberg as Stan Winston’s lead character designer for Artificial Intelligence: A.I., which helped pave the way to leading art direction and concept art on films such as Fantastic Four, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Big Fish, and War of the Worlds.

In 2005 I started my own company, ASC, and we’ve created concept art and creature design for iconic films such as “I Am Legend,” “War of the Worlds.” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation” and the hits featuring Marvel character’s including “The Amazing Spider-Man,” a “X-Men First Class,” and Marvel’s “The Incredible Hulk.”

TME: What was it like to work with Steven Spielberg?

AS: Working with Spielberg was one of the highlights of my career. AI was the first time working with him; and soon after that I had the privilege to work on “War of the Worlds,” helping to design the aliens. There were many positive experiences working on both films with him, but the one thing that stands out, more than any other filmmaker I’ve worked with, is his incredible ability to visualize how everything plays out in the film, and because of that he knows exactly what he wants and needs from a concept artist or designer.

TME: You’ve got a pretty amazing past. Tell us what it’s been like working on The Marvel Experience.

AS: I’ve been very fortunate to have a career in designing Marvel characters for many films, and now I’m even more excited to open the doors to a brand new take on the Marvel Universe for the very first time. With The Marvel Experience, you will enter an environment that is both engaging and immersive—where a visitor becomes a part of the action.

TME: Who was your favorite Marvel character or comic book as a kid?

AS: I have many, but the Hulk is and has always been one of my favorites, since he is such a flawed character. He’s not your traditional “hero”, which makes him more complex. I’ve always had a passion for the horror and science fiction genres, and the Hulk reminded me of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—a man constantly fighting with a side of his personality that he couldn’t control.

TME: Has that changed now? Who’s your favorite Marvel character today?

AS: The Hulk is still my favorite. I was fortunate and thrilled to have the opportunity to work on Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, because he’s still my number one Marvel hero.

TME: What makes this experience unique?

AS: This isn’t a just a show or event, The Marvel Experience is something unique that brings a “first person” point of view to our lives in a way that has never before been created. If you think of the excitement of your first time at a theme park, combined with the culture and authenticity of walking the floor at Comic-Con, add in a sprinkle of IMAX, and the coolest interactive experience you dream of — it is our hope that this experience brings them all together in a magical way.

TME: That sounds like it’s going to be amazing! Any final thoughts before we get back to work?

AS: Along with my team at ASC Visual Effects, we’ll be designing much in the same way we have on past projects with Marvel. We immersed ourselves in the vision behind creating the Marvel Experience and truly created “a home” for them. As I grew up loving The Hulk, we all have our favorite Super Heroes and I’m looking forward to all who join us and become, for an evening or afternoon, their very own Heroes—inspired by the legends and excitement that only The Marvel Experience can deliver.

There is no other way to say it… these guys are doing some cool stuff! Read the Full Release for more info. Then stay tuned to the blog for more exclusive interviews with more our Marvel Experience team and additional sneak peaks coming soon!